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Hockey GreenSports scholarships provide an exciting opportunity to pursue both an academic and athletic career. Scholarship awards vary from 0 to 100%. The level of scholarship available to you is dependent upon the standard at which you play your sport, as well as your academic background and ability.

If you are considered to be a high-achieving athlete and student, then a full scholarship would mean that all tuition fees, accommodation, books and sports clothing/equipment would be covered.

Below is a list of sports that scholarships are offered in, is Your Sport there? If it is, then get in touch to find out whether you have what it takes to gain a sports scholarship.

>Soccer                                                 >Equestrian                                          >Water polo

>Golf                                                      >Fencing                                              >Ten Pin Bowling

>Field Hockey                                        >Volleyball                                            >Swimming

>Rugby                                                  >Gymnastics                                         >Lacrosse

>Tennis                                                  >Track & Field                                       >Rowing

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